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Replacement of a lost natural tooth by inserting a dental implant into the bone of the lower or upper jaw

Implantology is one of the specialized branch of dentistry that deals with replacing lost natural teeth by inserting dental implants in the bone of the lower or upper jaw. Implants are made of titanium, which is a biocompatible material and does not cause a reaction of the organism with consequent rejection. Implants are usually in the form of screws and inserted during minor surgical procedure performed under sterile conditions. After implantation must wait 3 to 16 weeks, in which the implant has to grow together with the bone, and that depends on the type and condition of the existing bone. After a period of osseointegration implants can be loaded and are made fixed or removable prosthetics.

The implants are used to replace:

  • only one tooth (when the adjacent teeth are healthy and avoids grinding them to support the “classic bridge”)
  • more adjacent teeth, implants to support a fixed bridge (and because of the large space of the remaining teeth and sometimes can not be created “classic bridge”)
  • when all teeth are missing, it is possible to complete a number of implants to support a fixed bridge (to replace 12 teeth is necessary to 6 to 8 implants)
  • when all teeth are missing, it is possible with several implant supported mobile prostheses (2 to 4 implants)

ImplThe implants replace lost natural teeth, but do not have identical biological properties. Also it is not always possible to use (when the patient is suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.). In cases where the presence and quality of bone is scarce, implants can not be placed without the transplant patient’s own bone taken from other places (usually the mandible).

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