Mobile orthodontic braces – Ortodont u centru Zagreba dr. Domina Reljanović Protega


For our young patients, who are still growing and developing, there are mobile orthodontic braces

They can be only one jaw – monomaksilarni (active boards) or for both jaws -bimaksilarni (activator, bionator). These patients themselves can place and remove it from the mouth. It is important to emphasize that in therapies mobile devices is extremely important that the child and the desire to carry the camera because that therapy was successful, braces must be worn 14 to 16 hours a day.

Mobile braces cannot be properly and fully corrected heavily rotated or tilted teeth and teeth that have sprung up in the wrong place. Such anomalies are used fixed braces. Removable appliance therapy is usually the first stage of the therapy, which begin at an earlier age and that correcting the position of the jaw, and then sets a fixed apparatus that correct the position of teeth and finish treatment. If the problem is resolved at a young age, he eventually becomes more difficult and more complicated.

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