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There are fixed prosthetic works and mobile prosthetic works

Fixed prosthetics works

Fixed prosthetics are dental restorations that replaces one or more missing teeth, restoring their function and aesthetics. First you have to grind your teeth in order to create space for the fixed operation, during which removes the possible decay, as well as parts of teeth that do not have good support.

There are different types of fixed prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges and fixed of implant. Rosary is reimbursed dental crown covers a tooth and tooth structure that was previously supported the natural crown. Bridge compensates the lack of one or more teeth permanently connecting teeth or implants with a toothless space. In cases where the tooth structure badly damaged it is necessary to make the upgrade, which is cemented in root canals and tooth structure that compensates required to accept the crown.

In making crowns and bridges using different materials. Metal covered with ceramic (metal-ceramic) is, still, Most commonly used option. Modern dentistry has developed many materials excellent aesthetic characteristics, such as zirconia-ceramic and ceramic.

During the period of making crown and bridge teeth are covered and protected with temporary crowns. Most often made of plastic or composite materials and have the same function as the permanent works, ie. allow chewing and speech.

Mobile prosthetics works

Under dental prosthesis mean cell substitute that replaces missing teeth and adjacent to the soft and hard oral structures. Given the number of teeth replaced distinguish partial and full dentures.

Complete dentures compensate for all the teeth of the upper or lower dental arch. They are made from acrylic paint, which corresponds to the soft tissues of the oral cavity and resin or ceramic teeth of different colours and shapes. Installation 2-4 implants to which the prosthesis connects greatly improves retention and stabilization of the prosthesis in the mouth, which is extremely important for the lower denture.

Partial dentures made for partially edentulous patients, who can not get a bridge for various reasons (missing back teeth that would drive the bridge, periodontal compromised teeth, financial reasons). Besides the acrylates used in the preparation of the metal skeleton which is cast from different alloys, of which cobalt-chromium alloy usually used, which considerably improves and reinforces its structure. Several structural solutions that resist raising a partial denture with deposits. The most commonly made metal clips that capture the adjacent teeth, while the buckle (Attachement) aesthetically acceptable solution because it can not see out of his mouth. They consist of two parts, ‘the male part’ which is attached to the Rosary and the ‘female part’ of the prosthesis.

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